Our greatest joy comes from learning and "teaching" our friends about our wonderful heritage, and it appears that we have passed this passion on to our children. 


This special family retreat is my son's "brain child".

One day he asked me if the travelers that come to Greece bring their children with them, and if they get to learn the wonderful things that he does?

We talked more about what he thought would be a great trip for families,

and so we present you with...

The Village in Greece

With this labor of love, we wish to offer our friends from around the world the opportunity to 


about the language, history, myths and traditions of Greece.


like the locals. Cook and dine with friends. Connect, and belong to the village.


the sun, the sea, the scents and tastes.The beauty of life in the village.



Greek language, history, and myth brought to young and old through specially designed, experiential, and exciting activities.  


The culinary traditions of Greece enjoyed through hands on cooking classes and visits to artisan producers.

All the family can dig in and enjoy.


Recreational activities and down time in the sun.

Stimulating the body and mind, bringing the family together. 



A peaceful sea side town, nestled on the Corinthian Gulf in central Greece.

A favorite weekend getaway spot for the unfortunate big city dwellers of Athens,

but a secret, well kept from the travelers from abroad.

The picturesque harbor studded with authentic tavernas and quaint sidewalk cafes.

Cobblestone walkways and flowered courtyards hide beautiful boutique hotels which open their doors for the very discerning traveler.

The pine studded ridge overlooking the village, hides tiny coves or crystal blue waters all along its shore. 


Only two hours from Athens, Galaxidi is blessed with an amazing location, between Athens, and two of the most significant historical sites in all the world, those of Ancient Delphi, on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, and Ancient Olympia, on the fertile plains of Ylis to the south.


The location, the beautiful traditional architecture,  the serene and stunning natural environment, and the warm and friendly disposition of the local inhabitants, make Galaxidi the perfect village to welcome our guests and help them uncover the amazing culture and life style of Greece.


In this fast paced world we live in, it's difficult to keep our focus on what is real and important.

Even more difficult to start our children off in the right direction, provide them with a compass that will guide them to meaning, knowledge and happiness. 

Sometimes when you're not sure where you are going, the best thing is to go back.

Homer called it "Nostos", a burning desire to come home. 

Greece is the birthplace of western civilization.

The land where so many ideals and ideas that we all hold so dear, were first imagined.

From the time of the Minoans, some 5000 years ago,

till today, the language, the culture, the traditions remain so timelessly relevant.

Love of family, knowledge, land and liberty, and the quest for the "good life" led the ancient Greeks               to embrace the finer, more simple pleasures.

Homegrown foods, lovingly prepared meals, always shared with family and good friends.

Always time for lively discussion and laughter, for a glass of wine,  

for leisure and learning.

"Eudaemonia" as many a philosopher put it.

"to live well, protected and looked after by a benevolent spirit."

These are not myths, this is how we still live in the Village in Greece.


Dates open upon request.

June, July and August are perfect months for this family retreat. 

May and September are wonderful for those who are not confined by

school vacation periods. 

What's included?

  • Package based on 4 person family

  • 9 nights, bed and breakfast in 4* or boutique hotels. 2 double rooms or 1 family room (2 Nights Athens, 6 nights Galaxidi, 1 night Athens)

  • Round trip transfers from Athens Airport to Athens Hotel, and from Athens to Galaxidi.

  • Private family tour of Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia. 

  • Selection between tour of Ancient Corinth or pottery class/historical activity in Athens

  • 2 hands on cooking classes in Galaxidi

  • 2 trips to artisan food producers near Galaxidi

  • 3 Greek language classes tailored to participants ages in Galaxidi

  • 3 Introductory sailing lessons for children (optimist class) in Galaxidi

  • Greek language text books, note books, recipe books, customized t-shirts. 

  • 2 dinners, 6 lunches

  • Optional extension of trip to include the islands, or other locations and sites on the mainland.

Beginning at $2,500 US / 2,180 euro per person based on 4 person family.

Special rates available for larger families and groups of multiple families. 

Send us a note,

let's talk about your trip to Greece.

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