Hello, my name is Chris

I am Canadian by birth, but my family’s roots can be traced centuries back to two beautiful mountain villages in Greece.  One in the shadow of Mount Olympus, and one very near Ancient Delphi on Mount Parnassos.


As a boy, when my family would visit Greece, my father would take me to see the ruins at Delphi, Olympia and other historical sites. He would fill my head with images life in times of old, tell me stories about Socrates and Alexander the Great. 


Our family moved back to Greece when I was a teenager, and I have been living in Greece all my adult life.

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This was a turning point in my life. 

I was intoxicated by the landscape, the culture, the lifestyle.

To this day, I am constantly reading and learning about the history of Greece, crisscrossing the mountains on my motorcycle, or sailing Poseidon’s beloved Aegean Sea, eagerly uncovering new aspects of the diverse culture.


Now, as a father myself, I love taking my children to those same sites, reading with them tales of Odysseus and Jason, and inspiring them to dig into the vast wealth of the culture themselves.


​My passion for exploring Greece, for learning new things, for meeting new people, combined with my high standards for quality services, has lead driven me to various aspects of the travel and hospitality industry since I was a teen. From summer jobs at souvenir shops, to cooking at traditional “tavernas”, to reservations desks, to managing small hotels.

​So it is no accident that I carved a vocation for myself based on these experiences, becoming a Greece travel specialist. Actually I consider myself to be somewhat of an ambassador of Greece. I am always excited for the opportunity to “show off” this stunning country to travelers from abroad.

Whether it is for a romantic honeymoon, for some fun in the sun, and especially for those who want to dig beneath

the surface, and uncover the many layers of this timeless and beautiful country. 

There are so many unique islands, so many beautiful settings and sites on the mainland, so many distinct “shades of Greece” that it could take a lifetime to explore them all!

Then, there are so many ways of getting around, some scenic, some adventurous, some comfortable, and some not very efficient! Boats, planes, cars, and trains, it can get really complicated!  


Given that most visitors only get to visit Greece once in a lifetime, and they have limited time to do so, it is essential to make the right decisions when planning.


This is where I come in.


I make a special effort to understand my traveler’s special interests and needs, their budgets and time constraints. I strive to make each custom trip that I design exciting, memorable, and efficient so that no time or money is wasted.


After so many years of exploring Greece myself, and planning custom trips for my growing family of happy travelers, I apply my extensive experience, my passion for the culture and history, quality services and accommodations, to suggest the best locations, activities, and accommodations for each and every traveler.

Let me show you the magic that await's you in Greece!

Send us a note,

let's talk about your trip to Greece.

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