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Authentic Greece Awaits You

On The Open Road

Greece is the perfect setting for an adventurous

road trip

18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Miles of beautiful coastal roads, mountain passes covered in tall forests

Picturesque villages, warm and friendly people awaiting you at every turn

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No one says that the journey to Ithaca can only be made by boat.

Greece is the perfect country to enjoy a fantastic, road trip.  And there is more than one way to go about it. 

You can sit back and enjoy the views while your full time driver - guide shows you the hidden beauties of Greece.

Or you can take the wheel yourself and set off with a well planned map. 

You can enjoy luxurious hotels, or authentic bed and breakfasts in the picturesque towns. 

Or you can "rough it", sleeping in under the stars in one of the countless camping sites across the country.


You can whisk along the coastal roads in a sportster, the top down, the cool Aegean breeze in your hair.   

Or you can take it slow, taking in the mountain vistas, from the large windows of your mobile camper. 


You can pack your trip with pre-planned activities. Guided tours, food and wine experiences, outdoor adventures. 

Or you can "wing it", with the information that we'll give you before you depart. 

Greece is a safe, friendly country, with more impressive historical sites than you could experience in a lifetime.
Remarkable monuments such as the Parthenon, the mighty citadel at Mycenae, the superbly preserved theater at Epidaurus, the timeless Oracle of Delphi, the imposing monasteries at Meteora, and countless others spanning all across Greece, attract discerning travelers from the four corners of the world.   
Vast mountains ranges, covered with fir and plane tree forests await hikers, bikers, kayakers, thrill seekers and nature lovers of all kinds. 
Clear water beaches strewn all along the coast, beckoning you to cool off after a day of exploration and excitement.  
The cuisine of each region of Greece, distinctly tantalizing, but with the underlying theme of fresh herbs, exquisite olive oils, home grown meats and cheeses, enticing food lovers year round. Vineyards and olive groves cover gentle slopes from north of Mount Olympus, to the southernmost tip of the Peloponnese.   
Idyllic little villages scattered along the coast and tucked away in the mountains, where warm and welcoming locals go about their daily lives, and open their doors to treat you to a traditional loukoumi sweet, a glass of ouzo, a seat at the table. 


In such a country, there is no reason to stay on the path most traveled. 

Set off on your own.

We’ll plan the perfect route, which you can veer off of at whim, knowing that only pleasant surprises await you. 

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