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Greece is the world's #1 sailing destination 

The largest coastline in Europe, spanning over 13,000 kilometres 

six major sailing areas, and thousands of islands to chose from.  

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The Sporades Islands

Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, and a myriad of smaller uninhabited islands scattered in between them.  A fantastic clear water – sailing park in the North Western Aegean sea, adorned with fir and pine trees that touch the sea, miles of sandy beaches, tiny remote inlets,  and the characteristic white washed traditional dwellings in the mountain villages.

Exciting underwater museums where you can dive amidst ancient shipwrecks. Dolphins and the not so rare among these waters, Mediterranean monk seals play around the bow of your yacht and accompany you as you set out on your adventure.

As a modern day Argonaut, you can set sail from the modern port city of Volos, once known as Iolkos from where Jason and his merry band of mythical heroes began their journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece. 

Before you embark, pay a visit to the life size replica of the famous Argo, which is located at the entrance of the modern port.    

Relive the more modern, Mama Mia myth on Kastani beach, or in the picturesque Damouchari cove, among the many locations in the Sporades where the blockbuster movie was shot.

An island for every taste, the lively walkways of Skiathos, lined with night spots and boutiques, await you for exciting evenings on the town. The narrow alleys of Skopelos bring back memories of another Greece, before the tourism boom. Local children play hide and seek, while their black clad grandmother sits at the doorstep, her knitting glasses half way down her nose. The colorful window sills of the serene old town on Alonnisos open up to one of the most spectacular sea views in all the Aegean, allowing the scent of fresh baked bread to fill the open square.  

The Ionian Islands

The grand islands of Corfu, Paxoi, Lefkada, Ithaca, Cephalonia, and Zakynthos, not to mention a cluster of smaller desolate islands that you can hide away on, enjoy the sun and the cool breeze.

The Ionian island archipelagos is one of the oldest and most historical cradles of Greek civilization, with Ithaca, home of the infamous Odysseus being right at the center. Located off the western shores of mainland Greece, the 600 year Venetian occupation has left a very distinct influence on the culture, food, music and architecture of this region, creating a very special “shade of Greece”.

Wandering the maze of colorful alleys of Corfu, you might think that you are in the Navona district of Rome. The wines of Cephalonia rival those of the Tuscany valley, and everywhere the sweet scent of fresh basil adorns the unique pasta and meat dishes, recipes handed down from generation to generation.    

As natural extension of the Dalmatian coastline, one is immediately seduced by the cool, turquoise waters, the fir covered mountain tops.  Gentle slopes covered in vineyards and orchards, give way to breathtaking cliffs. Miles of pearly beaches line the coasts, colorful villages nestled away under the shade of the tall pines.    

Immortalized in myths and modern cinema, you can explore the ruins of Odysseus’ castle on Ithaca, or visit the locations that served as the backdrop for the popular romance “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” in the town of Sami.

Your taste for adventure will be quenched by scuba diving in the countless caves off the coast of Zakynthos, long walks in the natural parks of Cephalonia, or base diving at the famed Navagio beach.