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Are you a digital nomad?

Do you work remotely?

Why not work from Greece?

Greece is fast becoming a favorite destination for people who have the luxury of combining work with travel

It's the perfect country for families​, singles​, couples​, and not to mention professional retreats​.


Work remotely​ from the city​, the countryside​, or from one of the islands​. 


Enjoy the amazing Greek culture​, cuisine​, nightlife​ and outdoors​.


Let us plan your long term stay, or teamgetaway​ in Greece.


We'll arrange for your accommodations​, transportation​, vehiclerental​ or lease​, cellphone​ and internet​ connections. 


We'll plan tours​ and adventures​ for your days off.


And we'll help you with everything you'll need to set up your home office​ in Greece.

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