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Travel Stories


August 2019

We loved Greece and we loved planning our trip with Chris and the Greek Travel Gurus!

Right from the start, he gave us all the information we needed. Ideas for islands, hotels, tours.  

Melissa and Scott,

October 2019


I highly recommend working with Chris and the Greek Travel Gurus.

My husband and I worked with Chris to plan our dream honeymoon to Athens, Crete and Santorini. 

Amy and Marylou,  July 2019 

Greece is THE most fantastic place in the world!!

Everything we dreamed of came true thanks to Chris and the Greek Travel Gurus. 

Two girlfriends looking for fun and relaxation, with a little mix of culture....

Popular Greece Trips

santorini sunset person people gathered

7 Nights

Sublime Sunsets of Mykonos and Santorini

  • 1 night Athens

  • 3 nights Mykonos

  • 3 nights Santorini

  • 4* Boutique Hotels - excellent locations / views

  • Private transfers all locations

  • Domestic airfare and ferries

  • Private tour Acropolis

  • Sailing trip Mykonos / small group

  • Wine tasting tour Santorini / small group

  • Sunset Catamaran Cruise Santorini / small group


Beginning at 2600 euros per person

More Featured Greece Trips


Highlights for first timers


7 nights

This exciting trip will give you the best that Greece has to offer.

​Beginning with one night in Athens. A romantic dinner across from the moonlit Parthenon.  

A morning tour of the magnificent Acropolis. Your guide will fascinate you with tales of Pericles, Phidias and other famous Athenians of old.

Next to the sacred rock, the museum exhibits marble friezes and statues that once adorned the monument. Fantastic works of art that depict the city’s history. 

After a morning of exploration in Athens, a short flight to Mykonos.

Here you will indulge in 3 nights of decadent fun and relaxation.

​Cocktails and dancing on the popular beaches of Platys Gialos and Psarou. Frequent dips in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean.

Every day from dawn to dusk.

The party scene never stops!

It only continues with more music and fun in the bustling town of Mykonos.

The cosmopolitan restaurants.

The trendy night spots around Matoyianni Street and "Little Venice." The trademark windmills of Mykonos stand witness to the never ending fun.

Not by chance, Mykonos has become the international jetsetters favorite summer destination.


From Mykonos to the commanding cliffs of Santorini for 3 more nights of amazement. The exploding sunsets, succeeded by intimate breakfasts on your private balcony. High atop the volcanic cliffs. 

Romantic walks on the narrow walkways of Fira and Oia. Snapshots of the blue domed churches. The shimmering Aegean Sea is your backdrop.

Don't miss a visit to one of the island's many artisan wineries. Sweet Vinsanto wine, made with sun dried grapes is unique only to Santorini.

A tour of the remarkable digs at Akrotiri. The long lost Minoan city dating back thousands of years. Some believe it to be mythical Atlantis! 

​The greatest adventure for your last day on Santorini. A sunset cruise in the volcanic lagoon. Champagne and sea food, swimming and sun bathing. Watching in amazement as the sun comes down over the caldera.


Road trip in Greece

Athens-Mycenae-Epidaurus Delphi-Meteora 

10 nights


It is all about the journey! 

A road trip for those who want to see all of the sites of Greece, but don't want to be trapped on a bus for days.  

This 10 night trip will take you through the eons. Across beautiful mainland Greece. From Athens to the Arcadian mountains. From the fertile Olympian plains to the mysterious monasteries of Meteora.


You'll begin with 2 nights in Athens. Here so many concepts that we still hold dear were born. Theater, music, democracy. You'll walk in the ancient Agora where Socrates and his students debated. You will witness the Doric columns of the Parthenon from up close. A visit to the Museum of Cycladic art will give you unique insight into thousands of years recorded history in the Aegean. Remarkable stone and clay artifacts from a time predating all the known civilizations of the Aegean.

The following morning, a rented car will be delivered to your hotel.

You'll load up and set off on the adventure of a life time.

Well planned, with only pleasant surprises. You begin your 8 night tour of the Greek mainland. 

A custom made road book in hand. You’ll have all everything you need to navigate from A to B.  

GPS coordinates. Phone numbers. Information on the important sites, and the towns where you will be spending the nights. Recommendations for dining, shopping and interesting little detours that you would never find on your own.  

The first destination on your road trip is the mountain citadel of King Agamemnon. Mycenae is the remarkable fortress with the famous Lion’s gate. From this gate, long haired Achaeans launched their 10 year war on Troy. 

The coming evenings will be pleasantly spent in the sea side town of Nafplion. The first capital of Greece after the war of independence against the Ottoman Turks in the 1820’s. The history of this period, still very visible in the elegant buildings. Colorful squares and stone walkways adorned with potted flowers and lemon trees. Imposing Palamidi fortresses guards the city from the mountain above.

While in Nafplion, one must visit the ancient theater of Epidaurus. The best preserved of its kind in the world. To this day, thousands watch ancient tragedies that play out on the stone stage in the summer months and marvel at the acoustic engineering of the structure. 

From Nafplion you venture west.

Over the Arcadian Mountains covered in pine and plane trees. One of the oldest cradles of the Hellenic peoples, the mythical domain of the goat legged Pan. He terrorized these hills with his shrill flute, chasing the river nymphs deep into the forest.

The mountains are studded with remote villages, winding mountain trails, and mystic caves. You can stop along the way to enjoy the pristine countryside and enjoy a delicious lamb lunch at one of the roadside tavernas. 

You’ll reach the plains of Olympia, near the Ionian shores. You can rest from the journey before you explore the sacred site. Here, the concept of noble athletic competition was first conceived and so many eons ago. Since 776 BC and for almost 1000 years, the finest athletes of the Greek speaking world would gather here. From Marseilles to Miletus. From the far shores of the Black sea to the Libyan gulf, they would converge on this site every 4 years to honor Olympian Zeus. Competing in running, fighting, chariot races and more “civilized” sports like the discus and the javelin. The victors were welcomed as heroes in the cities.


From Olympia you’ll continue north. Across the modern day miracle of engineering which is the bridge at Rion-Antirion. It spans the narrow entrance to the Corinthian gulf, connecting the Peloponnese to central Greece.

The day’s driving will take you along winding coastal roads. You can stop at any one of the quaint little fishing villages to stretch your legs and enjoy a Greek coffee at a sea side kafeneio. A well-deserved break for lunch in yet another historical sea side port, Nafpactos.

Once known as the naval stronghold of Lepanto, off this coast, the Spanish and Venetian fleets laid waste to the Ottoman navy. The spectacular naval battle took place in 1571 and littered the sea with wreckage and fire.  So great was the call to war, that it was answered by none other than Miguel De Cervantes. A bronze statue of him guards the gate of the fortified port.

The afternoon will find you checking in to the sleepy village of Galaxidi. Here you can wind down with a dip in the sea and an evening stroll in the colorful port. Each night, it comes alive with the laughter of children and the chatter of friendly locals who step out to enjoy the sea breeze.


There are many ways that you can spend the next day immersing in the local lifestyle. You can go out to sea on a traditional kayiki with one of the local fishermen. Hopeful of a bountiful catch. You can linger in the town and partake in a hands on cooking class. An introduction to the wealth of local tastes and scents. One more-well deserved afternoon of soaking in the sun at one of the beach bars on the outskirts of the town.   


After taking some time to live among the locals, you will leave Galaxidi behind and continue your historical quest. Stopping first at the spectacular Oracle of Apollo at Delphi. Just like pilgrims of old, you will walk the stone steps that lead to his sanctuary. Passing the stoas and treasuries where the Greek cities offered gifts to the sun god. The ruins of Apollo’s temple appear proudly against the rocky cliffs as you ascend.  The theater, and further up, the stadium carved into the side of the rock is an unforgettable sight. From here, you can marvel at the vast olive grove below, extending from the root of the mountain to the shimmering sea beyond. The silver olive leaves shining against the setting sun.

After consulting with the Oracle, you continue north across the alpine landscape of the Giona mountains. You will reach Thermopylae.

On this site, mighty king Leonidas and his heroic 300 Spartans stood against the hordes of invading Persians in 480 BC. Fighting to the last man, they held off the invaders for 3 days and nights. Giving valuable time to other Greek cities to prepare their defenses. His sacrifice to freedom is commemorated in a commanding monument near the battleground.

You can stop to reflect on the significance of this battle to world history. Without Thermopylae, there may never have been a Parthenon. There may never have been democracy.  Inspired and rested, you continue north. Deep into the Thessalian mainland.


By afternoon you will reach most unique rock formations in the world. Meteora. After some time to rest at your traditional lodging, you can select an elevated position across from the monasteries and prepare your lens.  This will be one of your most memorable sunset photographs.

The coming morning, you can drive up once more. This time to enter the 1000 year old monasteries and marvel at the fascinating feat of architecture. Like many a modern pilgrim, you can’t help but feel the serenity that emanates from this holy sanctuary.


From Meteora you will continue further north, into the Macedonian provinces of Greece. The ancient kingdoms of Phillip and Alexander the Great. Bordered to the south by Mount Olympus. To the east by the Thermaic Gulf. To the west by the sprawling Pindos Mountain range. In this land, Alexander amassed his vast army and set forth to liberate the Greek cities of the Ionian shores in. He brought the vast Persian Empire to its’ knees. Spreading with his passing, the Greek language and culture as far away as distant India.

In the village of Vergina, near the foot of Mount Olympus, lies the ancient burial ground of the Royal Macedonian bloodline. Here you can stop to see the exquisite bronze armor of King Phillip and his ivory tipped sword. The entrance to his monumental tomb has been preserved for thousands of years under the ceremonial burial mound.  


Thessaloniki, your ultimate destination on this epic road trip.

​Greeks refer to this romantic city with affection as “the Bride of the North”. You’ll arrive in the early afternoon. Just as all the shops open after the mid-day rest. The walkways come to life. The cafés on the coastal promenade fill with friends and couples who sip on their “freddo cappuccino” in the cool sea breeze. You’ll drop the car off and check into your hotel. You won’t need it anymore. All the exciting landmarks will be at your footstep.


The next two days should be spent blissfully taking in the wealth of Thessaloniki. The White Tower which stands at the edge of the sea, a testament to Greek suffering endured during 400 years of Ottoman reign. The Roman walls that encircle the city to the north, and the magnificent arch of Galerius.

Thessaloniki will not only reward your historical curiosity. The city will captivate your palette! A myriad of markets, authentic eateries, and pastry shops. 100 years ago, the Greek speaking people of Asia Minor and the Pontus were driven from their ancestral lands. They brought their culinary traditions here to Thessaloniki. And here they are kept alive and adored. A flaky breakfast pie with a sweet custard filling, Bougatsa is the only way to begin the day. Chopped into bite sized pieces. Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar powder, served crisp and hot from the oven.

With these tastes and scents, your road trip in Greece has come to an end.

No need to return to Athens. Thessaloniki has an international airport from where you can catch an international flight to any destination.

Having seen the mainland like few have, the next visit to Greece will be devoted to the wonderful Aegean islands!


alexander the great statue en face thess
central greece delphi museum temple of o
pelloponese mycenea greece museum copy.j
meteora central greece day mountain fall
crete samaria gorge persons walking copy

Adventure and Antiquities


10 nights


For those that want tread the ancient paths. Hike the majestic gorges and sail Poseidon's glorious domain, this trip is for you! 

This 10 night trip will take you from the mystical caves of Mount Parnassus, to the remote shores of Crete. From the pearly sands of Elafonisi to the volcanic beaches of Santorini. 


Since you will arrive in Athens, why not seize the opportunity to take in the history?

A mere tour of the sites is adequate for most travelers but not for you. We'll combine your visit to the Parthenon with a stimulating bike ride along the coast of Athens.

You can race down Akti Poseidonos and reward yourself with a dip in Argosaronic sea.   


Before you leave the mainland for Crete, you’ll travel north. Outside the city, to the Oracle of Delphi on the slopes of Mount Parnassus.

High atop the temple, there lies a mythical cavern where Apollo slew the horrible Python. By this deed, he established Delphi as his sacred place of worship.

Most travelers will never explore this cave, nor tread the trail that leads through the tall pine and fir trees.

But you will!  


From the mainland of Greece to the majestic island of Crete. The largest and most impressive of the Greek isles.

The vibrant sea side towns of Chania and Rethymno will enchant you. Artisan gift shops. Sidewalk cafes and sea side tavernas open their doors to the discerning traveler.

Here you will enjoy the good life, like the locals.


Don't get too comfortable.

The deep and winding Samaria gorge awaits you for another stimulating trek.

Beginning in the Omalos highlands, it meanders down to the southernmost shores of Europe. This is the deepest gorge of the world and also the most diverse in fauna and flora.

After an invigorating hike, you will find yourself at a most welcoming sight. At the sandy beach of Agia Roumeli you will have time for a refreshing swim before you board the ferry back to "civilization" 


To balance your visit to Crete, you must visit the Minoan ruins of Knossos in Heraklion. This 4000 year old palace is the place of legends. Here the ancient adventurer Theseus battled the terrible Minotaur, freeing his fellow Athenians from the grip of mighty King Minos.  

Santorini will be the backdrop for act three of your Aegean adventure. 

Away from the crowded walkways of Fira, you'll race down exciting biking trails. Leading from the mountain village of Pyrgos, down to the volcanic black beaches near the lighthouse of Akrotiri. 


The pampered tourists will sail the volcanic lagoon on luxurious catamarans. Not you.

You'll brave the Aegean waves on a sea kayak, exposed to the elements, like a modern day Odysseus.  


The cruise ship crowds will pack themselves into the squares of Oia. Not you. You'll witness the famous sunset in solitude from the breathtaking trail on the edge of the cliffs. 

You will leave this fair country with much more than a suitcase of souvenirs.

You will have lived the adventure of a lifetime in Greece! 


Family fun and learning in Greece


10 nights


Treat your children to an adventure that will open their eyes to the mythical world of Greece.

An experience that they will cherish forever. It will give them a lasting appreciation of history, art and nature. One that no school book could offer.


This 10 night trip will be specially designed to captivate the imagination of young and old alike. It will bring the ancient world of gods and monsters alive. With experiential learning activities and with plenty of time for the family to come together under the warm Aegean sun.   


Beginning in Athens, as most myths do, your family will enjoy a tour of the Acropolis. But presented in a special way. One that will help the children understand the subtle mysteries of math and form that make this structure so beautiful to the eye.

After your tour, your guide will lead you through the narrow walkways of Kerameikos. This district of Athens was famous in antiquity for the myriad of pottery workshops.

Under the instruction of a local artisan, you will don your aprons and get your hands muddy. Learning the secrets of pottery. Creating your hand made souvenirs from Greece!

The Oracle of Delphi beckons you to venture outside Athens' walls.

Across the Boeotian plains and to the root of Mount Parnassus.

En route to Delphi, you will stop in the city of Livadia.  A walk in the Krya Gorge to stretch your legs.

A break to enjoy a traditional Greek baklava by the rushing waters of the Erkyna River.


When you reach Delphi, you will be met by your guide who will walk you through this magnificent site.

She will explain to you why it was selected by Zeus himself to be the center of the ancient world.

The majestic temple dedicated to the sun god Apollo, lies between the treasury of the Athenians, and the massive ancient theater.

For over 1000 years, Apollo’s high priestess would whisper the god’s insight to eager pilgrims. Giving them enigmatic advice on how to choose their path in life.

Through tales of mythical journeys and conquest, your guide will bring these ancient stones to life before your eyes.


Your day of learning will be rewarded with a short drive down to the coast. In the picturesque village of Galaxidi the family can unwind and have fun on the sun drenched beach!


Your next stop on this family adventure will be the massive island of Crete. The most ancient cradle of Mediterranean civilization.

A beach hotel near the vibrant town of Rethymno will be your “base” of exploration for this leg of your Greece trip.  


After a day or two of frolicking in the Aegean waves, you will feel refreshed and ready to continue your adventure of learning and understanding.

Want to see the cave where Zeus was born?


Many eons ago, the earth goddess Rhea fled from the heavens and came here to Crete. She gave birth to Zeus in a secluded cave on the Lasithi mountains. Hidden from his father’s wrath, Zeus grew to manhood. Nourished by the mythical goat Amalthea. Watched over by fierce Cretan warriors who would bang their shields to mask the baby’s cries.


Want to see where Theseus slew the Minotaur?

It’s here on Crete. At the vast palace of Knossos. Here the mighty King Minos kept the terrible beast locked in his basement labyrinth.

He forced the Athenians to send 7 young men, and 7 young maidens to Crete, every 7 years. They were devoured by the beast as a sacrifice for the city’s freedom.

This all came to an end when brave Theseus sailed to Crete to face the monster. The king’s daughter Ariadne fell in love with the hero. She helped Theseus find his way through the dark maze.  Confronting the Minotaur, he ran him through with his sword.

Your family can walk among the remains of this mythical palace.

Then admire the bronze and gold artifacts displayed in the nearby museum of Heraklion.

The colorful frescoes found on the walls of Knossos reveal what life was like on this island so many centuries ago.


The town of Rethymno is a medieval playground for all the family.

The cobblestone walkways hide a myriad of beautifully restored Venetian style homes. Inviting gift shops and restaurants where you can treat your family to them most authentic Cretan delicacies.

The island’s healthy dietary tradition is known the world over.

Rich in leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables. A host of indigenous herbs that can only be found here. Your children will be exposed to an amazing world of tastes and flavors that they will remember for a life time.


A week on Crete will not be enough to see it all. But you will leave the island completely transformed. Relaxed. Enriched by the myths, the music, the flavors and memories of your time in the sun.

You will leave Crete behind and begin your journey home. Knowing that you must come back for more!

door view sea aegean greece copy.jpg

Athens Weekend Getaway


3 nights

Countless direct flights from major cities make Athens Europe’s favorite weekend playground.

This 3 night trip will give you an introduction to the history and seductive lifestyle of Greece.

And some well-deserved time in the sun.


Your time is precious. Everything will be well planned. Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign in hand and a welcoming smile! He’ll drive you to your hotel where you can freshen up and get ready for the excitement!


We have many hotel options to choose from. Based on your preferences, or the time of year.

A romantic boutique? Something with a view of the moonlit Parthenon?

A trendy urban hotel, right in the middle of city? A roof top pool and bar where you can relax after a day of exploration?

Or perhaps a sea side resort on the Athenian coast? Somewhere where you can lay on the beach in the afternoons. Soaking in the sun, sipping on cocktails as the sun goes down over the Argosaronic gulf?


The evening is still young.

The vibrant Athenian night awaits you. A plethora of hot night spots from Plaka to Psiri. With music and food inspired by every culture of the world. The old commercial triangle of Athens, behind the Varvakeio market, is a new popular destination for night owls.

Fashionable wine bars and side walk cafés. Hidden among the century old flower shops, tinkerers and delicatessens. Half lit open squares. Tucked away behind quaint little churches where you can sit and enjoy your ouzo, a glass of wine. Conversing until the wee hours of the morning. Just like the Athenians have been doing since antiquity.  


The sun rises over Athens.

You hit the sleepy walkway of Ermou Street to partake in the breakfast rituals of Athenians. Feta cheese pie, spanakopita, crispy home-made phyllo pastry. Served hot out of the oven at favorite breakfast corners of Kapnikarea square. Orange juice, freshly squeezed from the sweetest oranges of Argolida.

A double espresso at the historical Athinaion Politiea café on Apostolou Pavlou walkway. The Temple of Hephaestus at your feet.  


The lazy morning behind you, you have the rest of the day to explore the history of Athens. The sacred rock of the Acropolis beckons you. Ascend and witness the timeless beauty of the Parthenon’s form.

The National Archeological museum, a short hop away is packed with priceless artifacts. Dating from the Neolithic period, to the latter Byzantine. Spanning thousands of years. You can walk through the corridors and see clay tablets with enigmatic astronomical depictions from the Minoan Civilization of Crete. Bronze and iron swords made by the mighty Mycenaeans. Marble epitaphs that once adorned the streets of Athens. Gold and silver jewelry found in countless burial grounds throughout the Attica.


A short drive from the city center, down the tip of the Attica peninsula, one more exciting surprise.

The magnificent temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio! This majestic structure juts out from a barren cliff above the Aegean Sea. The perfect vantage point to enjoy the spectacular Athenian sunset.

On your way back to the city, you must stop at one of little tavernas along the coast. A modest feast on fresh octopus, calamari, washed down with icy sweet ouzo.


Your last day in Athens will not be spent in Athens!

The morning will find you on board the cruise to the magical islands.

The sun in your face, the Aegean breeze lifting your spirits high.

First stop, the tiny island of Hydra, loved by poets for the simplicity of the island life. To this day no cars are allowed on the island. But you do see the occasional donkey or horse toting a carriage on the coastal road. Elegant mansions reveal the island’s former wealth and naval heritage. Once the stronghold of very influential families, Hydra’s navy played an important role in the war of independence of 1820.

Aigina is your next port of call. Chosen by the gods, the majestic temple of Aphaia Athena adorns the tallest peak of the island.  Numerous tiny beaches stud the coast of Aigina. Sunny corners where you can enjoy a fresh choriatiki salad and a cool beer between dips in the sea.

Before the sun begins to fall, your ship returns to Athens.

The colorfully lit steps of Plaka await you for one more night of excitement and delicious Greek cuisine.

All good things do come to an end, and so must this trip.

In the morning your driver will deliver you back to the airport for your flight home.

This was just an introduction.

Greece will be waiting when you decide to come back for more!

woman person beach looking at waves aege

Romance and relaxation


10 nights


There is more to Greece than what most tourists know!

This 10 night trip will expose you to the finest beaches in the Aegean and well as the most romantic hideaways of the Greek isles. 

You'll arrive in Athens. You can rest from your flight before you hitting the town for an evening of fun. Wandering the colorful walkways of the Plaka district, you will uncover trendy wine bars, side walk tavernas and popular night spots.

The intoxicating scents of Athens beckon you to join the excitement.


The following day can be devoted to the landmarks of Athens.

The Doric columns of the Acropolis. The bronze mask of Agamemnon at the National Archaeological museum. The city's history will unfold before your eyes.

Can this day get any better?

An afternoon drive along the Athenian coast will show you that it can.

Down at Cape Sounio you will witness the blazing Aegean sunset from the magnificent Temple of Poseidon. 


The next morning you will leave the bustling city behind.

A short flight will bring you to the fertile island of Naxos.

Our best kept secret in Greece.

This island is well known among us as the epitome of an authentic island escape.    

Miles of quiet sandy beaches with turquoise waters. Perfect for lazy days in the sun. Long moonlit strolls along the shore.  

A myriad of walking trails crisscross the gentle mountains. Leading through ancient olive groves and vineyards. Past forgotten stone villages, fortified monasteries.

They remind the traveler that for centuries these islands were raided by pirates and barbarians alike.   


Sweet Kitron liqueurs and artisan cheeses. Home grown meats and oils, locally caught sea food.

All among the finest in the world.

You can enjoy them in any of unpretentious local eateries frequented by the locals.


After this island hideaway, you will continue to the most famous of Aegean islands.


The epic volcanic eruption of 1600 BC has carved a breathtaking landscape. It is the most sought after honeymoon destination in the world. And not without reason. The staggering red cliffs, contrasting with the deep blue sea below.

Both come alive every evening with the exploding colors of the Aegean sunset.

Tucked away from the crowds, on your private balcony. Moonlit dinners and sweet Santorini wine. A dip in the plunge pool, high above the calm waters of the caldera.

Just the two of you. As it should be. 


No one should leave Santorini without sailing the caldera. While most will board the rickety crowded boats, you will do it in style!

A small intimate group on a luxurious catamaran.  A dip in the sulfuric waters of the volcanic lagoon. A relaxed view of the colorful cave dwellings from far below.

A delicious bbq dinner with yet more sweet Santorini wine. 


This will be the lasting memory that you will take with you on your journey back home.

food fish vegetables copy.jpg

Culinary delights of Greece


8 nights


According to many a traveler, the most memorable part of their trip to Greece is not the Acropolis.

Nor the beaches of Mykonos.

It is the food!


​This 8 night trip will open up a world of tantalizing tastes and sensual scents that you never knew existed.


You will see the historical highlights, as you well should. But your focus will be on the culinary wealth of Greece.


You will arrive in Athens, and be picked up at the airport for the short hop downtown. You will have time to rest and freshen up before you hit the lively walkways of this urban metropolis.

Pastry shops, tavernas, and trendy eateries tucked away in every side street. Smoking souvlaki joints on every other corner.

Your guide will meet you at your hotel and lead you through this maze of temptations.

He’ll show you the finest spots that only the locals know.

A welcome ouzo. Ripe olives from Kalamata. Selected feta cheese from Kalavryta. These are the appetizers. The main course of roast lamb is just coming off the fire.


The following morning, you will venture up the sacred rock of the Acropolis to admire one of the wonders of the ancient world.

The famed temple of Athena - the Parthenon. This temple has interesting back story that will appeal to the foodie. Myth has it, that the first inhabitants of this city were confronted with a dilemma.

Both Athena - the goddess of wisdom, and Poseidon - the sea god, wanted to lend their name to the city.

They competed for the honor of being the patron deity. Poseidon offered abundant wells and running waters to the people.

Athena gifted them with a simple olive tree. The people took her up on the offer. Perhaps an indication of their enduring love for the godly delicacies of olives and olive oils.


Your guide will then walk you through the loud and vibrant meat markets. You’ll visit the spice and pastry shops, the open air vegetable stalls in the historical center of Athens.

Stopping every few meters to nibble on handmade spanakopita, crispy koulouri bread, spicy pastirma, graviera cheeses and the finest extra virgin olive oils, found only in Greece. Your day will end with a delectable sit down lunch near Monastiraki square. Authentic souvlaki and gyros, accompanied by homemade tzatziki, made with the freshest sheep milk yogurt.


The Aegean islands await you for the next part of your journey.

Your first island destination will be nearby Kea. Little known to international visitors, but a favorite weekend getaway for the Athenians. Kea has been revered since antiquity for the fresh sea food caught off her shores. A plethora of home grown grains, vegetables and herbs.

Not to mention the creativity with which the Kean’s prepare them. The numerous ancient terraces that line the hills are living testament to the wealth and productivity of the island.


In Athens you got by as acting like a "tourist".  Here it’s time to roll your sleeves up and “get your hands dirty”. Under the tutelage of Greece’s most revered food ambassador, you’ll collect wild herbs and leafy greens. You’ll learn how to knead fresh phyllo pastry and bread. And you will put it all together in a multitude of authentic Greek dishes. Free range rooster with wine sauce. Kean Paspala - a selection of pork meat cooked with ripe tomatoes and eggs. And above all, Astakomakaronada - fresh lobster with handmade spaghetti. All accompanied by the finest olive oils produced on the island. Washed down with a selection of rare Greek wines that will expand your knowledge of the ancient art viticulture.

Cooking and eating with good company in the morning. Relaxing on the beach in the afternoon. Strolling in the port town of Ioulida at night. This will be your island dream for the coming days.


From Kea, we set sail to Naxos.

The largest, most productive of the Cyclades islands. Another one of our secret Aegean gems. Naxos is the epitome of authentic Greek cooking and dining.

Known since antiquity for the sweet wines, extra virgin olive oils, but most of all for their artisan cheeses. Myth has it that the art of cheese making was handed down to the Naxians by Apollo himself, through his son, Aristaios. Graviera Naxou, slightly aged, chewy and salty. Made by a blend of cow, sheep and goat milk. One of the most sought after delicacies in all of Greece.


Your hosts will be a warm and cheery family of farmers and restaurateurs. They trace their origin on the island back to the time of the invading Venetian pirates. Their country estate near the mountain village of Apeiranthos will be the “school” where you will further your culinary endeavors. Under the shade of the hanging vines, you’ll learn the secrets of cheese making. How to tell when the olives are ripe and ready for harvest. How to prepare Patoudo - a dish of lamb stuffed with chard and fennel, aromatic herbs and garlic. A traditional eastern feast that should be enjoyed year round!

The hours between cooking, eating and carefree discussion with friends, will be spent relaxing on the sandy beaches of Agia Anna. If you feel the need to walk off the excess calories, you can follow the mountain trails of Naxos. From the villages in the lowlands, all the way to the peak of Mount Zas, the tallest tip of the Cyclades islands.

Can there be too much of a good thing? Perhaps not.

But your time in Greece must come to an end.


Be warned. Like so many visitors before you, this newly found love of authentic Greek food will pose a problem back home.

Try as you may, you will not be able to replicate the tastes, the textures, and most of all the scents of Greece at any Greek restaurant abroad.

These can only be experienced here, in Greece.


The Village in Greece


10 nights

The greatest joy comes from learning and passing on knowledge to the younger generation.  

This 10 night family retreat is designed to inspire young and old.  An enchanting village by the sea is the perfect setting.

This trip will introduce your family to the language, the myths, and traditions of Greece

You will live like the locals. Cook, dine and with friends. Enjoy the sea and sun. Connect and belong to the village.


Your journey will begin in Athens. The land of countless myths and legends. Your family will have two exciting days to explore the impressive sites. The Parthenon, the tower of the winds. The Ancient Agora and the Temple of Hephaistos.

Through fun and experiential activities, your children will be introduced to the culture of Greece. An exciting mythical treasure hunt will help you get your bearings in the city. A hands on pottery workshop in Kerameikos will connect you with this timeless art. Giving you a new appreciation for the many clay vessels that you will see in the museums.


After Athens, your family will retreat to the village. Galaxidi.


This serene port town, a short drive from Athens, is our well-kept secret.  We don’t share it with international travelers. We reserve Galaxidi for our own weekend getaways. It will be your home for the coming week.


Experiential activities, specially designed to be fun and educational, will introduce you to the rural lifestyle of Greece.  

Activities that will stimulate the mind, the taste buds and the body. Bringing the family together in a memorable manner.

Hands on cooking classes. Introductory sailing courses.

Beginner lessons in the Greek language. We’ll discuss well known Greek myths, shedding new light on the hidden concepts.

We’ll enjoy fishing outings, leisurely hiking, and visits to local artisans and nearby archaeological sites like Delphi.  

A balanced schedule, that will provide plenty of down time in the sun.  

​The crystal clear waters will cool you off at mid-day.  The little tavernas and quaint cafes will embrace you in the evenings.

The cobblestone walkways and flowered courtyards, a fantastic playground where you can flex your photography skills.

When you leave Greece, your compass will be realigned to show true meaning.

Learning. Enjoying the simple things in life. Sharing them with family.​

The ancients called it "Eudaimonia" "to live well, protected and looked after by a benevolent spirit."

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